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A message from Sue Kira

Getting the best results from diets

  • How to use the Diet Categories and the Biggest Mistake
  • What is the best diet for your client? Getting to the source
  • What if you don’t know the right diet for your client?
  • Diet progression

How to improve compliance

  • What can you do to make it easier for your clients?
  • Articles, case studies and the Vitality Calculator improve compliance

Prescribing Eating4Vitality diets

  • The prescription form
  • Practitioner downloads

Benefits of the Eating4Vitality program for health practitioners

Practitioner Testimonials

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About this resource

Health practitioners worldwide have responded enthusiastically to Eating4Vitality and tell us that the program is an excellent resource because it makes dietary support for their clients simple, effective and sustainable for numerous health conditions and nutrient deficiencies, and improves compliance.

This page is for practitioners who prescribe diets with information about getting the best results from diets and improving clients’ compliance.

A message from Sue Kira

All the herbs, supplements and pharmaceuticals in the world have limited capacity to heal health conditions without a supportive diet.

During 25 years in practice, the appropriate diet for most of my clients, if followed, was transformational. But ‘if followed’ was the problem, particularly when clients had to decipher from printed handouts the foods that harmed or healed and then go and find suitable recipes, which made compliance challenging.

So we set out to solve these issues and make it easier for people to regain their vitality. After six years of development, Eating4Vitality is the dietary program I wish I had many years ago – it’s a resource that makes life in clinic so much easier, at an extremely affordable price for clients.

There are no commissions paid to practitioners for referrals or a requirement to ‘wholesale buy’ in advance. It’s simply a program to refer to clients if you wish.

We now witness huge interest in the importance of diet as a preventative and healing agent for numerous health conditions. But there’s confusion, particularly with much unqualified ‘advice’ in magazines and online. And that’s where we, as practitioners, can help.

We know the body can heal itself, given the right conditions. An appropriate diet is the foundation for healing and essential to create the right conditions. In turn, this makes everything else you do to promote healing more effective.

Getting the best results from diets

How to use the Diet Categories and the Biggest Mistake
The Eating4Vitality program provides 150 specialised diet categories for health conditions, nutrient deficiencies, allergies and various diet types.

The biggest mistake made by some practitioners and members is to click onto too many diet category buttons.

The more categories clicked, then the less recipe options are available.

I recommend selecting one main category that best suits your client’s needs. But there will be times when more refinement is required. For example, if you want to recommend a Paleo diet, but your client is allergic to eggs (or can’t stand the taste of them) then by all means click onto the Paleo and the Egg free buttons.

Some options can cancel each other out. Recently a practitioner selected Low Salycilates, Low Starch, Low Fructose, Nightshade Free and Low Histamine. This may appear to benefit a sensitive client by eliminating many foods from their diet, but the reality was that the client only had a handful of recipes to choose from.

The reason is that a Low Salycilate diet is very strict and limited, but fortunately, short term. So when the main foods of a low salycilate diet are eliminated such as potatoes (by clicking the low nightshades, histamine and starch diets) plus cashews (low starch and histamine), plus pears (low fructose) then the screenings rule each other out to leave…lettuce!

Other temptations could be to select combinations of diet categories such as:

  1. Low FODMAPs diet, Mediterranean diet and Rich in Magnesium
  2. Adrenal Fatigue diet, Alkaline and Low Carb
  3. Anxiety diet, Migraines and Additive free.

But the reality is that you only need to choose one main category unless you know there are allergies or important individual needs. For the above three examples, you might simply choose:

  1. Low FODMAP diet
  2. Adrenal Fatigue diet
  3. Anxiety diet

Keep things simple for your clients, because simplicity means less confusion and better compliance.

To prescribe, you may recommend (and write on your client’s prescription sheet) to use the ‘XYZ’ Diet for 3 to 4 weeks, then revisit you to check their progress and consider the next stage. This ties in nicely to re-assess supplements, herbs or pharmaceuticals that have been prescribed.

What is the best diet for your client? Getting to the source
In most cases the best diet to suit your client will be determined by their known condition, once that has been established in the consultation. For example, if they have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, you can put them straight onto the Hashimotos diet.

But this may only be a starting point until tests determine the possible causes of their condition.

For example, do they have leaky gut, SIBO, parasites, candida, heavy metal toxicity, poor methylation and so on? But if the client can’t afford testing, or if you are uncertain, then the gut is often a good place to start.

Look at their current diet to see if there is anything obvious that undermines their health. If they appear to have a healthy diet, then fine tuning with a specific diet can make a big difference.

Say they are following an AIP (Auto-Immune Paleo) style diet for Hashimoto’s and still struggling, then the next step would be to look at leaky gut and SIBO and the associated diets.

What if you don’t know the right diet for your client?
If a client’s health condition is complex which makes it difficult to determine the cause and where to start with their diet, then consider one of the Eating4Vitality Heart level diets.

There are three heart levels. Every recipe in the Eating4Vitality program is gluten free and dairy free, so for many clients, this may be all they need without a specific diet selected.

If they have been on a typical western processed diet, then they’ll be better off shifting to a Level 1 Heart diet, which contains a great variety of ‘substitute’ and ‘regular’ foods such as bread, cakes, muffins, sweets, rice, etc that are all GF/DF, refined sugar free, yummy and simple to transition into.

As they progress and start to feel better, you can take them one step further to the Level 2 Heart diet where sugars and starches are reduced and no additives.

Later you may recommend the Level 3 Heart recipes where the diet is further refined with minimal sugars and starches, no red meat and no high heat cooking (no dark brown/blackening of food).

Throughout this refinement, clients’ symptoms may become more defined. Many symptoms will disappear (which can be checked with our vitality calculator) to provide a clearer picture and understanding of their health. This is when you can focus on areas such as leaky gut, or liver detox etc depending on their remaining symptoms and health test results.

But this is not all about treating specific illnesses, it’s also about increasing vitality. After all, how many clients or patients do you see who are drained or exhausted?

The heart recipes progression is simple to use and can bring them back to their natural vitality. It also provides the option to select recipes from a combination of the Heart Level categories e.g. a Level 1 and 2 combo, or a Level 2 and 3 combo.

Diet progression
With the above Heart recipes, I touched on diet progression which is an invaluable tool to facilitate and even accelerate healing.

If your client is generally quite well (yes, I know, very few visit just for a check-up, but it does happen) you can be confident to give him or her the freedom to choose from the hundreds of gluten free, dairy free recipes on the site – and no clicks needed.

Another client who may have had a heart attack is now quite well but wants to remain healthy with a good diet, then the Mediterranean diet (which is also GF/DF) would be suitable.

However, most clients present us with a complex array of multi-symptomatic conditions that need careful consideration. Your consultation will determine the best course of treatment and it is good to have the backup of the Eating4Vitality program with various layers of dietary protocols your clients may need.

For example, if there are multiple gut issues that also affect other areas or systems in the body, then you may consider starting them on the SIBO 1 diet for a few weeks, with a follow up consultation to discuss/review and supply necessary supplements.

At that stage you may recommend the SIBO 2 diet for another few weeks, followed by a review, then onto the Leaky Gut 1 diet, followed later by the Leaky Gut 2 diet. Then, all being well, a Low FODMAPs diet – if needed – followed with a Mediterranean or Paleo diet, depending on what suits them best.

The above example gives you an idea of how you can help your clients proceed to better health. With a progressive course of specialised diets for your clients to follow, compliance improves which leads to better results – and the good news for clients (apart from increased vitality) is that they don’t have to outlay extra money for each new diet plan.

By covering all aspects of their healing, your clients will love you for your support (and tell everyone about you)!

How to improve compliance
Compliance can be tough, whether it’s giving up smoking, drinking, chocolates, cakes, drugs, inertia or following a diet. Let’s face it, most of us have experienced compliance issues in our own lives.

Initially when clients visit, the motivation for most to improve is high. There’s nothing like pain, illness, disease and feeling miserable to prompt them to seek advice. They want your help, but many find it difficult to make the necessary lifestyle changes because of ingrained habits.

Practitioners’ main complaint is usually lack of compliance. Many clients, even if they have life threatening illnesses, lack the desire, commitment or know-how to follow our instructions. Sometimes it’s because they lack the tools or resources to help them.

So what can you do to improve compliance rates for clients/patients so they get great results?

What can you do to make it easier for your clients?
Some clients are prepared to do whatever it takes, whereas others are cautious about stepping out of their comfort zone.

I found that structure – a plan – is the most effective and produces the best results. It also provides accountability from the client to you, the practitioner. Accountability can be very powerful (which is why personal trainers are effective, because you know you have ‘do your homework’ before you see them again).

To develop clients’ accountability, you could implement a simple package (a vitality action pack) where you set them up with a diet plan and schedule a return visit in 3 to 4 weeks to check on their progress. But in the meantime, schedule a weekly 10 minute call to see how they are going and provide encouragement. By knowing you will call, they’ll be more motivated to take action and thus see positive results, which in turn further inspires them to stick with their ‘vitality plan’.

Some clients are comfortable with a long plan, say three months, while others prefer a shorter, less daunting commitment, say three weeks. Ironically, many of the ‘short termers’ continue and next thing you know is they’ve completed three months and their health is back on track.

Be guided by your client’s fears, needs and preferences. An initial perceived lack of commitment may develop into total dedication.

Articles, case studies and the Vitality Calculator improve compliance
In clinic, much time is taken to review a client’s symptoms, health history and test results, then discuss what you feel is going on with their health and what they need to do and take to remedy the situation. By then you may be running out of time, or your client is overwhelmed and needs space to reflect on what you have presented.

This is where the articles and case studies in the Eating4Vitality program can help. Let’s say you suggest a Low FODMAPs diet. You could round up the consultation by suggesting they visit Eating4Vitality, go to the Diet Categories and click onto the Low FODMAPs link to read a comprehensive article about the diet, along with a case study (note: case studies are included in the Diet Types and Health Conditions categories). Knowledge is empowering and the Case Studies can inspire to improve compliance.

Also encourage them to fill in the Vitality Calculator prior to starting the diet and again each month. It’s a great way for you and your clients to monitor and evaluate their progression.

One of the reasons we developed the Vitality Calculator is because my clients often had multiple symptoms showing on their client questionnaires at their first visit. On return visits, clients often focused on their main symptom, yet forgot that some of the other symptoms had actually disappeared. When I made them aware of this, they were encouraged by their progress, which also boosted compliance.

Prescribing Eating4Vitality Diets

The Eating4Vitality program makes it very simple for practitioners to prescribe diets. Once you determine an appropriate diet for your client, it’s simply a matter of pointing them in the direction of where they can subscribe directly. There is no need for this to be done in clinic and clients do not have to enter a code. It’s simply a referral, which makes your life in clinic easier.

The prescription form

You could also include the following details on a prescription form:


Recommended Diet:

Commencement date:

Length of time on the diet:

Next visit:

Practitioner downloads
A good alternative to a prescription form is the pdf (below) that you can download which provides instructions for the client and your recommendations. The same information is on the word doc in case you want to download it and adapt to suit your style.

Click to download the PDF to print for your clients:

Click to open the Word doc (same as the PDF) which you can alter to suit your requirements:

Benefits of the Eating4Vitality program for health practitioners

  • A comprehensive dietary resource with 150 specialised diet categories for health conditions, nutrient deficiencies, allergies and various diet types
  • Easy for clients to follow with hundreds of step-by-step photographed recipes
  • Includes a Menu planner and auto Shopping list
  • The price for clients is extremely low, which makes it affordable for most
  • Higher compliance because the program is easy to use, with a variety of recipes
  • Higher compliance = better results = more referrals for you
  • Saves time in clinic and no need to hand out diet and information sheets
  • The Vitality Calculator helps to keep clients on track and provide feedback to practitioners
  • Articles and case studies help clients understand more about their condition and dietary aspects, which empowers them to take charge of their health
  • With diet progression, clients don’t have to pay for extra diet plans as their annual subscription accesses all Eating4Vitality recipe categories
  • Clients can ‘try before they buy’ and play around with 20 sample recipes and the various functions
  • Hundreds of (yummy) recipe choices for your clients, with more added each year

Practitioner Testimonials

I think this program is a fantastic step forward to have something for Integrative Doctors to offer patients at an affordable price. We can simply recommend a suitable diet to our patients and the Eating4Vitality program recipes and functions keeps them on track between our appointments. This is a very helpful innovation.
Dr Sally Price – Integrative Doctor, Perth, Australia

I love the Eating4Vitality website. It is easy to use and has so much information which is put together in a logical way. It’s great. I no longer need to have books on the table looking up all this information for clients. I can quickly access information, diet requirements and recipes with this simple, easy to use system. Thanks Sue and Rod – your resource has made my life so much easier.
Wanda Kormon – Penguin Healing Clinic, Penguin, Tasmania, Australia

As a Psychology of Eating Practitioner and Mind Body Nutrition coach, the Eating4Vitality program is a real time saver as I no longer need to look up dietary advice for clients’ conditions. I simply provide them with the website details and suitable diet and know they have a program that is easy to use. The detail this site offers is amazing. It also allows me more time to support my clients in other crucial areas that are not directly food related.
Kerrie Cox – True Body Connection, Lismore, NSW, Australia

Eating 4 Vitality is a must have program! The recipes, functions and diets are ideal for all ages. It’s so affordable and easy to use and covers all special food plans with intolerances.  My clients and family love it because the program makes everything diet related life so much easier for a healthy and happy life.
Bianca Richardson, Naturopath – Life Synergy, Burleigh Heads, Queensland

Eating4Vitality is an invaluable resource and effective time saving tool with its extensive range of food plans. As a naturopath, the ability to choose precise diets for patients’ needs is important. Patients also benefit because the program makes it much easier for them to follow their dietary regime. I recommend this resource to practitioners and those who want to improve their health with better food choices.
Cindy Morris, Naturopath – Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

With my naturopathic clinic business, anything that is time saving and makes it easier to prescribe special diets for my clients is a bonus. Also I love the yummy recipes and choices – even my kids enjoyed the new recipes I introduced into their diet. Thankful for this amazing product.
Maria Sturre, Naturopath – Cooroy, Queensland, Australia

Eating for Vitality says it all. As a remedial massage therapist, clients constantly tell me how exhausted they are. They choose junk foods for energy for a quick fix which leaves them feeling heavy and tired, yet their bodies crave nourishment. Preparing nutritious supportive meals to nurture their body is right at their fingertips with these wonderful easy to use diets. I’m so inspired by this website for myself and my clients; it’s a wonderful self-care program that I highly recommend!
Yasmin Lang – Innermost Harmony Massage, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia