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Why is every Eating4Vitality recipe gluten and dairy free?

There are many misconceptions about gluten and dairy free diets. If uncertain, flick through the recipe photos on this site and you might be pleasantly surprised at the variety.

It’s a pity we don’t have taste screens to demonstrate how delicious these recipes are…instead you’ll just have to put on the apron and head to the kitchen to find out.

But there’s a very good reason that all recipes are, and will continue to be, gluten and dairy free at Eating4Vitality, and that primarily stems from Sue’s work with more than 14,000 clients over 25 years. Indeed, gluten and dairy free diets provided more success for her clients than all the other modalities, supplements and herbs put together.

For more insights, read Sue’s articles about the Gluten Free Diet and Dairy Free Diet.

Going GF/DF doesn’t mean you have to miss out on cakes or meat or even ice cream or lots of delicious foods. It’s simply about substituting certain foods and you probably won’t notice the difference (apart from less bloating and more energy).

It’s about providing healthier options and we’ve found that most people who go for a GF/DF lifestyle enjoy the difference it makes to their lives.

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