Blog: The Joy of Vitality

Diet or Lifestyle?

by Sue Kira, Naturopath & Nutritionist Do you find the word ‘diet’ distasteful? If so, you’re not alone, because we often see ‘diet’ as restrictive or giving up foods we love to eat. Difficult! As a naturopath, I’ve worked with more than 14,000 clients over 25 years, prescribing therapeutic diets... Read More

How to cook pandanus fruit

By Rod Harvey (chief food taster) Pandanus trees are all around our area – they’re common to the tropics and subtropics. The leaves are spikey and the fruit large (as you can see, this one is bigger than Sue’s head). After much experimenting, here’s our best way to cook pandanus... Read More

The evolvement of cheese: a history lesson

by Rod Harvey CFT (Chief Food Taster) Back in the ancient days a farmer was milking his cow and when he finished, the cow kicked him in the testicles. Consequently the farmer didn’t milk for a few days (however his family and neighbors enjoyed steak and roast beef for some... Read More

Forensic medicine and congestion: a powerful message

By Sue Kira Naturopath & Nutritionist This is an extract from my article on the Diet for Fibromyalgia. When I worked for forensic medicine back in 1979, part of the job was to go to the autopsies for samples. One thing I noticed was that the bodies were often full... Read More

The good, the bad and the yummy of Vitamin B6

by Sue Kira, Naturopath & Nutritionist. Vitamin B6 is a fascinating vitamin. Also known as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, pyridoxal 5 phosphate (P5P) and pyridoxamine (remember that for a trivia night) B6’s complexity never ceases to amaze me. Without it we simply cannot function. I like analogies to remember new things. For... Read More

The amazing virtues of Zinc

by Sue Kira, Naturopath & Nutritionist. Here’s one of our sample recipes that’s loaded with Zinc. But first, find out why Zinc is often considered when looking to restore any health imbalance. It’s such an important mineral, yet it’s commonly deficient in our bodies. Important facts about zinc: Helps the... Read More

A new way to present recipes?

by Rod Harvey, Chief Food Taster, Eating4Vitality. Do you find that some recipes are boring to look at? Is there a different way to present them? Perhaps the following slideshow might be of interest…after all, there are stories everywhere. Click onto the image and find out. Join us at Facebook or Instagram where... Read More

Handy Kitchen Implements

Presented by the gadgets and ingredients that hang out at the Eating4Vitality kitchen! Click onto the slide show to see various kitchen implements and utensils we use. We consider some essential, while others are useful time savers. If your time is precious, it’s worth investing in these ‘tools of the... Read More

Have I got time to prepare healthy food?

By Rod Harvey, Chief Food Taster, Eating4Vitality. If this article is familiar, then it probably is, because it’s one of  our FAQ questions (almost) repeated. But because of the profound words of wisdom, it’s worth reading again. After all, what’s wrong with repetition – like exercising, or washing, or complimenting... Read More