0 Comments | December 3, 2015

The creators of eating for vitality have literally done all the hard work so you don’t have to! It makes eating healthy much simpler and organised. For me it’s so difficult to eat healthy if I don’t stay organised and plan my meals.

When you use the site it calculates and organises everything you need for your shopping, that way when you go to the market or store you spend less time in there and are less likely to be tempted to by all those junk items you are trying to avoid.

My favourite feature is the photo slide show, because I’m a visual learner it makes it so simple to follow the recipe. Can’t say enough good things, definitely a game changer for helping create a healthier lifestyle with delicious healthy meals.
Paige Handscomb, Noosa Heads, Queensland

With my naturopathic clinic business, anything that is time saving and makes it easier to prescribe special diets for my clients is a bonus. Also I love the yummy recipes and choices – even my kids enjoyed the new recipes I introduced into their diet. Thankful for this amazing product.
Maria Sturre, Naturopath – Cooroy, Queensland, Australia

Eating4Vitality has made my life so much easier. Instead of searching google for gluten and dairy free recipes, it’s all in one place. My son also has asthma, so I click the links for recipes that are GF DF free and Asthma friendly and it brings up so many. Such a life changing program.
Aliesha Fry – Gold Coast, Bonogin, Queensland, Australia

Eating 4 Vitality is a must have program! The recipes, functions and diets are ideal for all ages. It’s so affordable and easy to use and covers all special food plans with intolerances. My clients and family love it because the program makes everything diet related life so much easier for a healthy life.
Bianca Richardson, Naturopath – Burleigh Heads, Queensland

As a Psychology of Eating Practitioner and Mind Body Nutrition coach, I am excited to offer clients the Eating4Vitality program.

This is a real time saver as I no longer need to look up dietary advice for clients’ conditions. I simply provide them with the website details and suitable diet and have the confidence that they have a program that makes it easier for them to make better choices. The detail this site offers clients is amazing. It also allows me more time to support my clients in other crucial areas that are not directly food related.
Kerrie Cox – True Body Connection, Lismore, NSW, Australia

Eating4Vitality is an invaluable resource and effective time saving tool with its extensive range of food plans. As a naturopath, the ability to choose precise diets for patients’ needs is important. The patient also benefits because the program makes it so much easier for them to follow their new dietary regime. I recommend this resource to practitioners and those who want to improve their health with better food choices.
Cindy Morris, Naturopath – Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

This program is sooo good you should buy two subscriptions so you can have twice the vitality!
Rod Harvey, Chief Food Taster, Eating4Vitality