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On the left is Rod Harvey (mmm…not bad considering he was born last century) and next to him is his lovely wife Sue Kira.

Sue is a naturopath, nutritionist and food coach, with a background in pathology, forensic medicine and scientific research. She has lots of qualifications, but that’s tedious reading. What’s more important is that Sue is a fantastic cook. Jackpot Rod!

In Sue’s final year of High School, she topped the state of NSW in Home Economics (that’s ‘cooking’ for the uninitiated). When she was a child, Sue loved making up potions of herbs, sticks and beetles and observing life through a microscope. At age 12, she was asked what she wanted to do: her answer was to find a cure for cancer.  Healing has been part of her DNA for a long time.

As a naturopath, Sue’s ongoing passion is to use the power of diet to heal, which has been very successful for her clients. Eating4Vitality is a natural progression of her life’s work. She also consults with clients part-time via Skype or phone – for details, go to www.truevitality.com.au  

And then there’s Rod, who loves his role as Eating4Vitality’s OFTAT: the Official Food Taster and Tester! He also photographs, writes, liaises with the programming team and manages whatever needs to be managed.

Rod’s background is predominately marketing, advertising, copywriting, and small business ownership. As a kid he loved the rural lifestyle and hanging out with cattle, sheep and chooks. Various sporting activities kept him occupied and amused throughout his life.

There was a beautiful constellation and synergy when Rod and Sue bonded in 2004. Ultimately, they merged their expertise and wisdom to produce Eating4Vitality.

From Rod and Sue
In June 2012, we posed the question: ’What can we do to make it easier for people to eat healthily so they can enjoy more vitality?’ Over the ensuing years, we kept asking that question as we developed Eating4Vitality, together with a skilled team of IT professionals, before launching in September 2018. What a mission!

When we started this journey, we had no idea of the extent of the program. We now believe that Eating4Vitality is the most comprehensive, practical healthy eating program worldwide and it will keep growing. That’s what happens when you keep asking a simple question.

Irrespective of where you are on the ‘vitality scale’, it doesn’t matter. We don’t see vitality as a goal or destination to achieve, nor a ladder to climb.

We see vitality as an enjoyable evolvement…and we like to make it fun!

Reclaim your vitality and get more out of life!